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Voice of Integrity for Suffolk Families

Kim is for Kids!


Devoted Wife and Mother…

Kim has been married for nearly 22 years to her best friend, Rob. Although they met in Maryland, Rob and Kim intentionally moved to Hampton Roads in 2005, establishing permanent roots in the Chuckatuck Borough of Suffolk in 2015.  Together they have had the joy of raising eleven children, including six foster children.



Keeping our children safe is IMPERATIVE! A child is a parent's greatest treasure and a community’s greatest asset! As such, they should be securely protected as they learn, grow and develop mentally, emotionally, and physically.


In response to poor academic achievement and a failure in school accreditation, the Virginia Department of Education lowered the standards of learning instead of holding our school systems accountable for identifying and correcting areas in which they were failing children.


School systems should not supersede the authority of parents in raising and educating children. Education begins at home well before a child reaches school age; in fact, parents are a child's first teacher and should remain actively engaged and informed even after their child is enrolled in school.

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